Gladiator 2 Trailer: After 24 years, the sequel is ready to release worldwide

The Gladiator 2 trailer, the sequel to the famous Hollywood film ‘Gladiator’, has been released worldwide.

The Gladiator 2 trailer opens by showing the character of Lucias now living in the North African country of Nomedia.

Lucius is the son of the late Commodus and Lucilla, who is captured by General Marcus Acacias and brought back to fight in the famous Roman arena.

The more than three-minute trailer also shows highlights of the fight between Lucias and Marcus.

The film takes place 24 years after Gladiator 1 and the story.

The main cast of this film includes Paul Mescale, Denzel Washington, Pedro Pascal, Jimenez Honso, Connie Nelson, and Joseph Joyn.

Like Gladiator One, this movie is also directed by famous director Ridley Scott.

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Recall that the story of Gladiator One revolves around a Roman general named Maximus who takes revenge on a tyrannical king, Commodus.

The cast of Gladiator One included Russell Crowe, Joaquin Phoenix, Connie Nelson, Spencer Tratt-Clark, and Richard Harris.

This movie was also directed by Ridley Scott.

American rapper Kanye West’s song ‘No Church in the Wild’ has also been included in Gladiator 2, which has been criticized by users on social networking site X.

X-user Kevin Anthony Carne wrote in his post, “It’s a good trailer, but the use of Kanye’s song is a concern, but this trailer doesn’t convince me that there was a need to make this movie.”

It should be noted that the Gladiator 2 trailer will be released in theaters worldwide on November 22.

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