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The actual death toll in Gaza could be as high as 186,000, the report said

London: Lancet, a world-renowned medical research journal, claimed in its report that the death toll in Gaza is more than 38,000, but the true number may be much higher.

According to the research report of Yenest, the total population in Gaza is 2.3 million, in which 8% of the population became the fuel of the war, a large number are women and innocent children.

The research report says that the death toll in Gaza is more than 38,200, but the actual death toll may be much higher due to the widespread destruction of food distribution networks and other critical infrastructure.

The Lancet investigative report said that the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian refugees is also facing significant cuts in funding.

The report claims that indirect deaths in Gaza maybe three to 15 times higher than direct deaths due to this dire situation.

Using a conservative estimate of four indirect deaths for every direct death, it is not impossible to estimate that the death toll could be as high as 186,000 or even higher, the Lancet report said.

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The report emphasized the need to determine the exact death toll, saying that getting the facts right is critical and a legal requirement to ensure historical accountability and recognize the full cost of the war.

It should be remembered that according to the data released by the United Nations in February this year, 10,000 bodies are buried under the rubble, while 35 percent of Gaza’s buildings are destroyed.

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