“Where they spend their days and nights”, foreign tourists reached Gilgit-Baltistan on foot from Europe

Foreign tourists keep coming to Pakistan for tourism, but this has happened for the first time when foreign tourists have come to see the beautiful valleys of Pakistan on foot. One of these tourists is from Spain and two from Turkey.

 Spanish tourist Ponce Roman, who also calls himself Jesus, along with a man and a woman from Turkey are also part of this memorable trip.

The three tourists reached Wadi Nagar in Gilgit-Baltistan on June 23, where they were warmly welcomed by the local people.

Spanish tourist Ponce Roman thanked the locals for their hospitality.

"Where they spend their days and nights", foreign tourists reached Gilgit-Baltistan on foot from Europe

 He said that he has been traveling on foot for the past 3 years, but he left for a trip to Pakistan 15 months ago.

He further said that ‘We did not use car and motorcycle during our trip and continued to travel on foot and stay where night fell.’

According to the Spanish tourist, ‘We have no idea how many countries we have passed through to get here, but wherever we went, people gave us a lot of love.’

He said that people had advised us not to go to Pakistan, but after coming here, we found that the people here are very loving.

A female tourist from Turkey also thanked the local people for their hospitality and said, “We have traveled all over the world, but we have not seen the beauty of Gilgit-Baltistan.”

“During our journey, the residents of the village were very hospitable and served us various kinds of food. We did not expect that the people here would be so hospitable.”

The lady added that she was also given gifts by the women of Hunza which was a surprising experience for her. No one has ever offered us a gift before, the people here are really kind-hearted.”

According to foreign tourists, they will go from here to Lahore from where they will leave for India. They intend to return to their homeland on foot.

These tourists went to Attabad Lake from Nagar and stayed where they were offered to stay at Horizon Resort.

 “We invited these tourists to eat, after which they spent the night at our resort. The Spanish tourist had not eaten anything for the whole day,” said local woman Kiran.

The tourists thanked the lady for this hospitality and said that they do not like to stay in a hotel or rest house during this trip, but they stayed here on the generous offer of the host.

Hassan Ali, a local citizen, says that the three tourists have left for Khanjarab on foot with sticks in hand. One of them was a tourist naked.

“Wherever foreign tourists go, local people dress them in traditional hats and take videos and photos with them.”

He further said that ‘Tourists also trekked in the snow covered valleys of Gilgit Baltistan which is unbelievable for us.’

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