YouTube is Working on a New Feature For Restful Sleep

California: Video streaming platform YouTube has introduced the ‘Sleep Timer’ feature. This feature will help users stop watching videos after a certain time to ensure restful sleep.

YouTube is an important source of entertainment and information for many people around the world. However, watching videos continuously late at night can have negative effects on sleep. However, with the new feature, YouTube will help its users control screen time to combat this problem.

Using the new option, users will set a timer that will stop the playing video when the time is up. This feature will be more useful for people who fall asleep while watching videos. This feature will help to solve the problem of video playing all night.

Users can set a timer between 5 minutes and 2 hours through the menu within the YouTube app. The playing video or playlist will stop automatically as soon as the set time is up. Not only will this prevent unnecessary battery drain, but it will also ensure a restful night’s sleep.

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