iOS 18: Will some functions work even when the battery is dead?

iOS 18

The American company Apple will launch a new model of the iPhone 16 in September, which will introduce new features as usual, but will there be a feature that will keep some functions working even if the phone is dead?

According to Forbes magazine, the new software iOS 18 is going to be launched along with the new iPhone model and that means you will at least be able to see the time even if the battery dies.

Many times a person gets stuck in such a situation that the watch is not worn and the phone is also dead, which means that it is difficult for you to keep track of the time.

Earlier, Apple introduced a very useful feature called ‘Power Reserve’. That is, even after the iPhone’s battery runs out of charge, there is a backup battery so that it can be found in case of loss.

This function will work for at least five hours and during this time a low battery icon will be displayed on the mobile screen along with a message that can find the iPhone.

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Another very useful feature is being introduced with iOS 18. Even if the phone is dead, the time will be displayed on the left corner of the screen.

If you stay up late at night and often suffer from dead battery problems and want to get this new feature, then don’t upgrade your phone just yet.

This feature is not present in every iPhone model. This is limited to the iPhone 15 model only.

MacRumors, an Apple product tracking website, has also tested it on the iPhone 15 Pro Max and it was working, but the time was not visible on the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

This new software has only been out for a few days and its developer beta version is available for download for trial.

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