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Introducing Apple Vision Pro, an innovative spatial computer unveiled by Apple today. This revolutionary device effortlessly blends digital content with the physical world, allowing users to stay fully engaged and connected with others. Apple Vision Pro ushers in a new era by presenting a boundless canvas for apps that surpasses the constraints of conventional displays. It introduces a fully immersive three-dimensional user interface that responds to the most natural and instinctive inputs, including a user’s eyes, hands, and voice.

At the core of Vision Pro lies visionOS, the world’s first spatial operating system. This unique operating system empowers users to interact with digital content in a manner that feels tangibly present within their surroundings. The remarkable design of Vision Pro showcases an ultra-high-resolution display system, encompassing a staggering 23 million pixels spread across two displays. Coupled with custom Apple silicon in a distinctive dual-chip configuration, every experience on Vision Pro unfolds seamlessly, providing a real-time sensation as if it were transpiring right before the user’s eyes.


“Today signifies the dawn of a fresh chapter in computing,” stated Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple. “Just as the Mac brought personal computing to our fingertips and the iPhone revolutionized mobile computing, Apple Vision Pro ushers in the era of spatial computing. Drawing upon Apple’s legacy of innovation spanning decades, Vision Pro stands years ahead, defying any previous creation, with its revolutionary input system and myriad of groundbreaking advancements. It unlocks extraordinary experiences for our users and presents thrilling new prospects for our developers.”

Developing our inaugural spatial computer demanded innovation in nearly every aspect of the system,” stated Mike Rockwell, the Vice President of the Technology Development Group at Apple. ” With meticulous attention to detail in the integration of hardware and software, we have skillfully developed a self-contained spatial computer that is seamlessly encapsulated within a sleek and compact wearable design. This remarkable device represents the pinnacle of personal electronics, pushing boundaries and establishing itself as the most advanced of its kind.”


Apple Vision Pro: Unprecedented and Exceptional Experiences

Apple Vision Pro revolutionizes the realm of potent and personalized computing, transforming how users engage with their beloved apps, capture and cherish memories, indulge in breathtaking TV shows and movies, and connect with others through FaceTime.

visionOS presents an expansive platform for apps in both professional and personal settings, offering a three-dimensional interface that liberates them from the confines of a standard display. This enables apps to seamlessly coexist side by side, regardless of scale. With Apple Vision Pro, users can enhance their productivity with an abundance of screen space, access to their preferred apps, and novel methods of multitasking. Additionally, by supporting the Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad, users can effortlessly establish an ideal workstation or seamlessly integrate the formidable capabilities of their Mac into Vision Pro wirelessly. This results in a massive, private, and portable 4K display with remarkably sharp text, further enhancing the overall experience.


Apple Vision Pro offers captivating entertainment experiences that are truly immersive. Equipped with two ultra-high-resolution displays, it can turn any space into a personal movie theater, where the screen feels as wide as a staggering 100 feet. Complemented by an advanced Spatial Audio system, users are enveloped in a truly cinematic experience. Whether it’s watching movies, and TV shows, or indulging in breathtaking three-dimensional films, Vision Pro delivers unparalleled visual quality.

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In addition, Apple Immersive Video introduces 180-degree high-resolution recordings accompanied by Spatial Audio, allowing users to delve into a world of incredible realism. Moreover, a diverse collection of immersive videos awaits, ready to transport users to entirely new and captivating destinations. With Vision Pro, entertainment reaches new heights, engulfing users in remarkable audiovisual journeys.

Spatial computing opens up a realm of possibilities for innovative gaming experiences, offering titles that span a spectrum of immersion and transport gamers into captivating new worlds. With Apple Vision Pro, users can engage in these groundbreaking games that redefine the boundaries of interactive entertainment.


Furthermore, Vision Pro allows users to enjoy over 100 Apple Arcade games on a screen size of their choice, providing an expansive canvas for immersive gameplay. The experience is further enhanced by incredible immersive audio, enveloping players in a rich and dynamic soundscape. Additionally, Vision Pro supports popular game controllers, offering seamless integration and intuitive control options for a truly immersive and enjoyable gaming experience.

Immersive Environments take users beyond the confines of physical rooms, expanding their world with dynamic and visually stunning landscapes. These environments can aid in focus or declutter busy spaces, providing a transformative experience. With a simple twist of the Digitalrown, users can effortlessly control their level of presence or immersion within these captivating environments.


Unforgettable memories are brought to life with Apple Vision Pro. Equipped with Apple’s groundbreaking three-dimensional camera, users can capture, relive, and fully immerse themselves in their cherished moments, accompanied by Spatial Audio for a truly immersive experience. Each spatial photo and video becomes a gateway to the past, allowing users to revisit and savor special occasions, whether it’s a joyous celebration with friends or a precious family gathering.


With Vision Pro, users can effortlessly explore their complete photo library stored on iCloud, giving them the chance to view their photos and videos on a life-size scale, as if transported to the very moment captured. The vivid colors and exceptional detail bring every image to vibrant life. Furthermore, Panorama shots captured on iPhone extend and wrap around the user, creating the sensation of being physically present at the very location where the photo was taken. Apple Vision Pro transforms memories into vivid journeys through time, enriching the way we reminisce and connect with the past.

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FaceTime embraces spatial elements with the introduction of Apple Vision Pro. During FaceTime calls on Vision Pro, the room surrounding the user comes to life as participants appear in life-size tiles, mirroring their physical presence. The experience is further enhanced by Spatial Audio, creating the illusion that the voices of participants are emanating from their actual positions in the room.


For users wearing Vision Pro during a FaceTime call, their digital representation, known as a Persona, is generated using Apple’s cutting-edge machine-learning techniques. This Persona reflects their facial expressions and hand movements in real-time, adding a sense of authenticity to the conversation. With Vision Pro, users can actively participate in shared activities during FaceTime calls, including watching movies together, browsing photos, or collaborating on presentations, creating a truly immersive and interactive experience. The spatial dimension of FaceTime on Vision Pro brings a new level of immersion and connection to virtual interactions.

Unlocking a multitude of app experiences, Apple Vision Pro introduces a fresh App Store where users can explore a wide range of apps and content curated by developers. Additionally, users gain access to hundreds of thousands of familiar iPhone and iPad apps that seamlessly integrate with the innovative input system of Vision Pro, ensuring optimal performance.

Apple’s vibrant developer community is empowered to harness the full potential of Vision Pro and visionOS, enabling them to create groundbreaking app experiences. Developers can leverage the unique and powerful capabilities of Vision Pro, bringing to life brand-new app concepts and reimagining existing ones specifically tailored for spatial computing. With Vision Pro, the possibilities for app innovation are boundless, fueling a new era of immersive and engaging experiences.

An Innovative Operating System and User Interface of Apple Vision Pro

Drawing upon the extensive legacy of engineering innovation found in macOS, iOS, and iPadOS over several decades, visionOS is carefully designed to meet the exacting requirements of low-latency spatial computing. This groundbreaking operating system is purpose-built from scratch, offering a seamless foundation for robust spatial experiences that fully embrace and utilize the surrounding space. By harnessing the capabilities of visionOS, users are empowered to explore new realms of possibilities in their professional and personal lives, opening up a realm of fresh opportunities both at work and at home.

visionOS introduces an innovative three-dimensional interface that seamlessly integrates digital content into the user’s physical environment, creating a compelling sense of presence. This dynamic interface responds to natural lighting conditions and even casts shadows, enhancing the user’s perception of scale and distance. To facilitate seamless navigation and interaction with spatial content, Apple Vision Pro introduces a revolutionary input system controlled through a combination of eye movements, hand gestures, and voice commands.

Users can effortlessly explore apps by simply directing their gaze, employing finger taps to make selections, scrolling with a flick of their wrist, or utilizing voice dictation for effortless input. The combination of these intuitive input methods empowers users to engage with Vision Pro naturally and effortlessly, enhancing the overall user experience.


In addition, Vision Pro showcases an exceptional innovation called EyeSight, which fosters meaningful connections between users and their surroundings. When an individual approaches someone wearing Vision Pro, the device seamlessly transitions to a transparent state, allowing the user to see the person while simultaneously displaying their own eyes. This unique feature ensures a more natural and engaging interaction.

Moreover, when a user is fully immersed in an environment or engrossed in an app, EyeSight provides visual cues to others, indicating the user’s current point of focus. This enables a deeper understanding of the user’s engagement and enhances communication in social settings. With EyeSight, Vision Pro goes beyond being a personal device, facilitating a harmonious blend of technology and human interaction.

Apple Vision Pro stands as the pinnacle of Apple’s relentless pursuit of innovation and expertise in crafting high-performance products, including the Mac, iPhone, and Apple Watch. Drawing from this rich experience, Vision Pro emerges as the epitome of personal electronic devices, surpassing all predecessors in terms of advancement.


To achieve ambitious objectives concerning performance, mobility, and wearability, Apple employed the utmost cutting-edge materials available. This unwavering commitment to excellence and the utilization of state-of-the-art materials have propelled Vision Pro to unparalleled heights, setting a new standard for personal electronic devices.

Groundbreaking Design

Apple Vision Pro showcases an impressive array of technology within its compact and sleek design. A single piece of exquisitely crafted three-dimensional formed and laminated glass serves as an optical surface, acting as a lens for the diverse range of cameras and sensors essential for seamlessly blending the physical and digital realms. The glass seamlessly transitions into a custom aluminum alloy frame, which gracefully curves around the user’s face. With a modular system in place, Vision Pro ensures a tailored fit that accommodates a wide range of individuals.

Enhancing both comfort and functionality, the Light Seal is composed of a soft textile material available in various shapes and sizes. It flexes to conform precisely to the contours of the user’s face, providing a snug and personalized fit. The inclusion of flexible straps ensures that audio remains near the user’s ears. Additionally, the Head Band, meticulously knitted as a single piece in multiple sizes, delivers cushioning, breathability, and stretch for optimal comfort. A simple and efficient mechanism enables easy interchangeability between different sizes or styles of bands, granting users the flexibility to customize their experience.

apple vision pro

Unmatched Innovation in Hardware

Apple Vision Pro redefines portable computing by offering exceptional computational power within a compact wearable design. Engineered to impress, Vision Pro incorporates an innovative ultra-high-resolution display system seamlessly integrated with advanced Apple silicon chip technology. Employing micro-OLED technology, Vision Pro delivers an astonishing 23 million pixels across two displays, each comparable in size to a postage stamp. This extraordinary display is enhanced further by its wide color range and high dynamic range capabilities, ensuring vibrant visuals with remarkable clarity.


The integration of custom catadioptric lenses takes the visual experience to new heights, delivering unparalleled sharpness and precision. Users with vision correction requirements can rely on ZEISS Optical Inserts, which not only maintain visual fidelity but also enhance eye-tracking accuracy, guaranteeing an optimized and personalized experience. Apple Vision Pro combines cutting-edge technologies to create awe-inspiring experiences that push the boundaries of portable computing.

At the heart of the Apple Vision Pro experience lies an exceptional Spatial Audio system that elevates immersion by creating an illusion of sounds originating from the user’s surrounding environment, perfectly tailored to the given space. This innovative audio system consists of two meticulously engineered drivers housed within each audio pod. These drivers are individually amplified and work harmoniously to produce Personalised Spatial Audio that adapts to the user’s unique head and ear geometry. The result is an audio experience that transports the user into a rich and lifelike auditory landscape, enhancing the overall sense of presence and realism.

Beyond its groundbreaking display and immersive audio capabilities, Vision Pro incorporates a cutting-edge eye-tracking system that operates at peak performance. This system utilizes high-speed cameras and a ring of LEDs to project imperceptible light patterns onto the user’s eyes, facilitating seamless and intuitive input. By precisely tracking eye movements, Vision Pro enables responsive interactions, enhancing the overall user experience. This innovative technology opens up a world of possibilities, empowering users to effortlessly navigate and interact with the device using the most natural and instinctive of inputs.

Driving these groundbreaking innovations is the power of Apple silicon, ingeniously implemented in a distinctive dual-chip design. The M2 chip delivers unparalleled standalone performance, while the brand-new R1 chip takes charge of processing input from an impressive array of 12 cameras, five sensors, and six microphones. This robust processing power ensures that digital content seamlessly materializes in front of the user’s eyes, creating an immersive experience in real-time. With a remarkable latency of just 12 milliseconds, the R1 chip swiftly streams new images to the displays—eight times faster than the blink of an eye.

Best-in-Class Privacy and Security

Apple Vision Pro is designed for all-day usage when connected to a power source, and with its external high-performance battery, it can sustain up to two hours of continuous operation. This blend of technological prowess and battery efficiency ensures an uninterrupted and captivating experience throughout the day.

Apple Vision Pro prioritizes user privacy and security, establishing a robust foundation that puts users firmly in control of their data.

Introducing Optic ID, an innovative and secure authentication system within Apple Vision Pro. By analyzing a user’s iris using discreet LED light exposures, Optic ID compares it to the securely stored and encrypted data within the device’s Secure Enclave. This process enables instantaneous unlocking of Apple Vision Pro, ensuring a seamless and protected user experience.

Rest assured that a user’s Optic ID data remains fully encrypted and inaccessible to apps, safeguarding their privacy. This sensitive data is never stored on Apple servers, providing an additional layer of assurance. With Optic ID, Apple Vision Pro prioritizes the privacy and security of its users, empowering them with peace of mind while enjoying the device’s exceptional features.

When using Vision Pro, the privacy of a user’s gaze remains protected during navigation, ensuring that the destinations they explore remain confidential. Eye tracking information is never shared with Apple, third-party apps, or websites, reaffirming the commitment to user privacy.

Moreover, the processing of data from the camera and other sensors occurs at the system level. This means that individual apps do not have access to a user’s surroundings, maintaining privacy while enabling immersive spatial experiences.

To further enhance transparency, EyeSight incorporates a visual indicator that notifies others when a user is capturing a spatial photo or video, promoting open communication and respect for privacy boundaries. Apple Vision Pro prioritizes user privacy, empowering individuals with control over their personal information.

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