America’s Death Valley where the temperature reached 55 degrees Celsius

The temperature in the ‘America’s Death Valley‘ of the American state of California has reached 55 degrees Celsius, but despite this, hundreds of European tourists are visiting this valley.

According to the American news agency AP, Death Valley National Park is located on the border of California and Nevada. This region is considered among the hottest areas of the world. You can feel the heat in ‘Death Valley’ in these pictures.

French, Spanish, and Swiss tourists exited their air-conditioned cars and took pictures in the sweltering heat.

Some tourists even fry eggs without using fire in the heat of Death Valley.

A large number of tourists visit Death Valley every year.

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Death Valley National Park officials have also issued a warning to tourists.

The Meteorological Department has predicted more heat in the coming days across the country.

The Los Olives forest fire is under control.

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