President Joe Biden Speech: No one is qualified to win election

US President Joe Biden has once again emphasized that there is no one more qualified than him to lead the country and defeat Donald Trump.

In his first interview with ABC News since a poor debate performance, the US president allayed concerns that he could defeat his Republican opponent in November, according to French news agency AFP.

In the interview, when he was asked if running against Trump could endanger the Democrats in the White House. In response, President Biden said, “I don’t think anyone is more qualified to be president or to be in this race.”

But in that interview, the president blamed illness for his poor performance and dismissed repeated polling and concerns within the party about his health.

“I was sick, I wasn’t feeling well. I was not well.’

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“The duties of the presidency mean that I have a cognitive test every day,” he said. I have that test every day, whatever I do.’

Democrats, upset by the US president’s disappointing performance in the debates, urged Joe Biden to be transparent about his mental health.

Some supporters expressed skepticism about Joe Biden, 81, after last week’s debate with Donald Trump.

Prior to the interview, President Joe Biden gave an impassioned speech at a rally in Wisconsin in which he declared, “I’m going to run and beat Donald Trump.”

Addressing the rally, President Biden tried to address questions and concerns about his age, saying, “Is he too old to pass gun laws, create jobs and give student discounts?”

He told his supporters that he would do more in his second term.

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