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Israeli attack on southern Gaza: 25 Killed, Medical Centers Closed

The death toll in an Israeli attack on a school used by refugees south of Gaza has risen to 25, while heavy bombing in the north has shut down medical facilities.

According to the Associated Press, Israel’s fresh ground operation in Gaza is a new effort against the regrouping of Hamas militants in the area.

A large part of Gaza City has been destroyed by Israeli attacks over the past 9 months and most of the population has been forced to move, but thousands of Palestinians still live in the northern part.

At least 25 people were killed in the attack on the entrance of the school on Tuesday. An Associated Press reporter counted the bodies brought to Nasr Hospital in Khan Yunis.

Hospital spokesman Wim Ferris said at least seven women and children were among the dead. The spokesman has expressed fear of an increase in the number of casualties.

israeli attack on southern gaza

Earlier, an airstrike in central Gaza killed at least 14 people. The two hospitals that received the bodies of those killed in the attack said that they included a woman and four children.

Israel claims that military targets have been targeted in the nine-month war, while civilians have blamed Hamas for the deaths.

Regarding the attack near the school, the Israeli military said it was investigating reports of civilian casualties and that the target of the airstrike was a Hamas militant involved in an attack on Israel on October 7.

The United Nations says that following Israel’s orders to withdraw from the eastern and central areas of Gaza, Al-Ahli and Patients’ Friends Association hospitals have moved patients to other places and closed medical centers.

 Palestinian Red Crescent spokesperson Nibal Farsakh said that three medical centers of the aid organization in Gaza City have been closed.

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Some patients were transferred to an Indonesian hospital in northern Gaza, which had previously come under attack.

In the past nine months, the Israeli army has occupied at least eight hospitals, destroying buildings and medical equipment, as well as the deaths of large numbers of patients and staff.

Israel claims that Hamas uses the hospitals for military purposes, but has provided limited evidence.

israeli attack on southern gaza

According to the United Nations Human Rights Office, only 13 of the 36 hospitals in Gaza are currently functioning, some partially.

The Israeli army says that according to intelligence information, Hamas militants and Islamic Jihad groups are converging in the central areas of Gaza City.

Israel also claimed to have destroyed 6 kilometers of Hamas tunnels in the Al-Shaja’iya region, which has been under fire for the past few weeks. On the other hand, Hamas has said that the recent attacks on Gaza City could lead to the end of negotiations for a ceasefire and the release of hostages.

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