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Taliban reduced the salaries of female government employees

KABUL: Since coming to power in August 2021, the Taliban has barred female civil servants from coming to work and has now reduced their salaries.

According to the international news agency, in the statement released by the Ministry of Finance of the Taliban, it has been said that the salaries of female civil servants have been reduced to 5,000 Afghanis per month.

The change in salaries will be effective from July.

The finance ministry statement added that only women working in government hospitals and schools could come to the jobs and be paid full salary.

The move by the Taliban will affect thousands of women who are already reeling from inflation and most of whose men have been killed in the long war.

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It should be noted that the salary of female university lecturers and professors in Afghanistan used to be around 35 thousand Afghanis in the public sector.

Women working in administrative positions in various ministries used to be paid 20,000 Afghanis, but since the Taliban came to power, it has been reduced to 15,000 Afghanis.

It is being said that the salary cut has been done in the context of conventional allowance and when these women are allowed to join the jobs, the salary will be increased again.

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