Your Gmail Will Now Display Verified Check Marks. This is What They Signify.

When you’re browsing through your Gmail inbox, you may come across blue check marks alongside the names of certain senders. This icon is Google’s most recent effort to combat phishing emails that try to replicate authentic senders.

According to a blog post by Google, the implementation of the check marks began on Wednesday and will be noticeable in both personal and work Gmail accounts.

The presence of a blue checkmark is no longer exclusive to Gmail. Recently, Twitter has been making headlines for modifying its verification process, which involves removing the blue check marks from verified accounts that were verified under older policies.

Curious about the significance of blue check marks in Gmail? Here’s a brief overview.

What will be the appearance of verified check marks in Gmail?


Google has provided an instance where its email address is accompanied by a blue checkmark in an email. When the check mark is hovered over, a message box displays, indicating that “The sender of this email has confirmed ownership of and the logo featured in the profile image.”

The language of the message will be modified to reflect the domain of the sender who has been verified, which is essentially whatever appears after the @ symbol in their email address.

Additionally, there is a “Learn More” link that directs users to a Google support page regarding verified emails. The page offers insight into how Google verifies emails.

Which individuals or entities are eligible to receive a verified checkmark in Gmail?

Presently, verified check marks are primarily targeted toward brands and organizations. These check marks will be included in emails sent by senders who have implemented Google’s Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI) standard. Google states that BIMI necessitates sturdy authentication and validation of logos before they are shown in Gmail.

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In a blog post on Wednesday, Google stated that “Robust email authentication aids users and email security systems in detecting and preventing spam, while also empowering senders to harness their brand’s credibility.”

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